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iBound is proudly partnered with Neotel for our national dedicated access backbone (our network) among other partnerships, most notably Fortinet, which enters us into the enterprise security and compliance market. We mainly work with no-compromise hardware brands such as HP, Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, Dell, Supermicro, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and Fortinet.

Internet Access

We offer Fiber-to-home, Fiber-to-Business, Wireless Access and DSL Access.

Cloud Services

We offer Managed Cloud Servers, Cloud Hosting, VOIP and Cloud Backup.

Network Infrastructure

We offer Network Architecture, Network Security and Design Implementation.


iBound enjoys working with individuals and organisations alike and have built up a portfolio of loyal clients over the past decade. Our market segments are categorised below.


Corporate, SMME, NPC and Office Parks


Hotels, Conferencing and Venues


Individuals and Wholesale Communities


Cost-effective pricing for education institutions


Since our inception in 2006, iBound has grown into a fully-fledged Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a diverse portfolio of clients. We intelligently design and architect fixed and Wireless IP networks - especially large-scale networks where security, monitoring and segmentation are essential. iBound confidently offers all forms of internet access, including our own national fiber or Microwave service with dedicated VOIP and IP PBX. In addition, we are a Telkom wholesale (OpenServe) reseller and are able to sell, manage and support Wholesale Fibre Broadband Access, Metro Ethernet, IP Connec and DSL.


examples of our expertise

At iBound we have a malleable approach to designing and implementing solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. We believe that the “one-size-fits-all” approach wastes both time and money. Herewith are some of our many large-scale projects demonstrating our innovative, yet robust tailor-made solutions:


  • Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre

    We’ve been providing dedicated fiber internet access to the prestigious Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre situated in Boksburg, since 2013. We’ve recently completed a major network overhaul for the organisation that sits under the HPF portfolio of properties. We have approximate 190 wireless access points and cover over 60 meeting rooms, including a number of very large convention centres. If put to the test, we can handle close to 6000 concurrent Wi-Fi users on the network. The network is a leased-managed solution with a free guest Wi-Fi component, a pre-paid Wi-Fi service and specialised dedicated Wi-Fi and network services for adhoc conference events. Currently we are capable of deploying up to 1Gigabit of internet breakout should it be required.

  • Bellevue Campus
    (Multi-Business Office Park)

    The cosmopolitan Bellevue Campus office park. We provide synchronous, dedicated broadband services and VoIP telecommunications to tenants via Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) for accounting and monitoring purposes. We run fiber to the different building blocks within the park and run a fully-managed L2 Gigabit network with failover capability. For security-related peace of mind, we have implemented leading global provider, Fortigate Unified Threat Management (UTM), solutions.

  • The Olive Convention Centre (OCC)
    (Durban Ice Rink)

    iBound is proud to serve the OCC on an ongoing basis. At the OCC you will find an adaptable, scalable permanent Wi-Fi installation. With a fully-managed L2 network, PoE switches and core router for network segmentation, the network is flexible and features an independent Wi-Fi Access Points, managed via a software-based wireless controller. The Wi-Fi network supports the approximately 750 concurrent (active) users and can be easily upgraded, ensuring adaptability to constantly changing hardware developments.

  • AFCON Final Draw

    In October 2012 we had the privilege to supply a redundant L2 network spanning the majority of the ICC. We ran three VLAN's (Virtual LAN), 185 fixed network points, and a Wi-Fi network with two SSID's peaking at around 200 devices on the WiFi network alone. For internet breakout we provided a 22Meg synchronous dedicated access through Telkom, which we broke down into smaller chunks and dedicated to different areas throughout the ICC. We ran Pro AP’s (Access Points) to avoid SABC video broadcast interference.

  • COP17 Environmental Conference

    One of the highlights of 2011 for iBound was the world-renowned COP17 Environmental Conference. We provided a private, segmented, fully-routable, public IP L2 network for over 30 international, country delegation offices. Each network had its own routers, switches and fully-cabled isolated networks. The networks were scattered throughout the International Conference Centre (ICC) and we provided an additional redundant fiber network to the Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC) buildings, with two traffic routes and backup fiber. For the event we provisioned 80Meg fiber internet breakout and ran a powerful web cache for performance. For the smaller sub-COP17 events spread throughout Durban, we ran large-scale Wi-Fi networks where fiber was unavailable, by load balancing up to 8 x 10Meg ADSL lines with premium bandwidth.

  • Winter Olympic Bid
    (International Olympic Committee)

    We were proud to service the IOC in 2011. We provided them with a redundant L2 (Layer 2) network, spanning the entire ICC building. We ran five VLAN's (Virtual LAN), 200 fixed network points and a Wi-Fi network with three SSID's peaking at around 800 devices on the Wi-Fi network alone. For internet breakout we provided a 40Meg synchronous fiber link and segmented the bandwidth into smaller chunks, which were dedicated to different IOC Staff departments throughout the ICC building. Over our bandwidth we ran uninterrupted, flawless dual HD video streams to their offices in Switzerland.

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